Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Jacket - Vintage (similar) // Top - Tempt (similar) // Shoes - Dr Martens  

A simple and androgynous outfit I'd say 20% inspired by the the dismal drizzle and 80% inspired by a picture of an outfit the lead singer of The Vaccines wore that I thought was cool. Steph and I were talking about this after the shoot between spoonfuls of brownie and ice cream how music and even sometimes the vibe of a particular album can alter your attitude and what you decide to wear out. For me last year it was The Vaccines "Come of age" album; from purchasing the now over used and over sized denim jacket down to the whole apathetic walk and attitude to well..uni grades.

Shirt - H&M // Jacket - Glassons (similar) // Jeans - Jay Jays (similar) // Shoes - Dr Martens

This outfit pretty much reflects what the weather was like the day we took these photos - gloomy and dismal. I guess that's the only good thing about how cold it is - I get to put together ensembles like this. I love button-up shirts with interesting prints - these ones I paired with my boyfriend jeans, which are seriously super duper comfy. What do you guys think? We love reading any comments, so please go ahead :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

June Video Diary

Hey guys apologies for the slight lateness but here's our June video diary! We've decided to change things up a bit with the way we show our goofy selves interact with each other and the wonderful places we discover, so tell us what you think about the new look!You can find all the outfits from this video in individual posts, just search through our June archive to the right. We hope you enjoy watching it and that your half-the-year mark was just as eventful and fulfilling as you hoped it would be! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Knit top - op shopped (similar) // Pants - op-shopped (similar) // Sandals - Lipstik

...In a sense!
To be fair, it was such a gloomy day outside when we shot this that "fun"got altered into what I'd  never thought I'd wear out and, for the both of us dark monotone shades. So, fun was finding these op-ed pair of pinstripe trousers or, rather pajama pants (!?) and pairing it with a bright crew neck knit top for a fitted-but-boxy look. Fun was also wearing invisible socks with sandal heels because firstly, laundry and just like the purpose-ambiguous pants, another example of safe whimsicality. 

Bomber Jacket - Maestro by Delys Shelton (similar) // Tee - Bear Hug? // Dress (worn as skirt) - Urban Outfitters (similar) // Shoes - Nordstrom

Check out this super adorable and fun tee, probably one of my cutest designs in my closet. I threw it on over this pleather black dress, and finished the look with this simple zip jacket. We decided on the theme "fun", despite it being a super drizzly and grey day haha. Have a lovely week everyone!