Monday, March 30, 2015

Muddy Shoes, Two Blue Hues

Sweater - Tempt (similar) // Jeans - Cheap Monday // Slip ons - Vans   

For the couple of hours that it did pour down rain and all hell broke loose, I thought it was a perfect time to wear out this powdered blue chunky knit that I'm pretty sure was Tempt's version of the Stine Goya snake cable sweater! I was a bit "eh" at first with the oddly arranged braids that were so nonchalantly sewn on I had even considered unpicking them all out the first time I wore it. However,  they've started to grow on me and I think the braids give it character that would be otherwise lacking from a terrible posture revealing, plain ol' jumper!

The sweater is paired up with faded black tapered jeans and vans leather plimsolls for a simple,rainy day look.

Cardigan - Valleygirl (similar) // Jumpsuit - XXI (similar) // Shoes - TUK

I was awoken this morning by literally buckets and buckets of rain pouring down. It was so loud and so crazy, that I just assumed there was no way we'd be taking pictures today. So I went back to sleep. An hour later, I awaken to bright sunlight beaming into my room through the curtains next to my bed. Sydney weather, I hate you immensely. And so I was incredibly confused as to what I should actually wear. I went with my simply black jumpsuit, since it seemed it was hot enough at this point, but then took this navy cardigan in case the weather decided to pull a 180, as it so often does. One of the simplest outfits you could possibly put together, but still effective.


Friday, March 27, 2015

A Local Quest

Boxy Top - Tempt (similar) // Trousers - unknown // Sandals - Tempt (similar) // Sunnies - Ray Ban (similar) // Purse - Nine West (similar)

When whimsicality and the quest (...for sandwiches) leads you back home, finding a unique location to shoot becomes equally as adventurous! 
Today called for structure and a lounge-wear level of comfort with this textured boxy top, a pair of trousers and, tan sandal flats along with red wayfarers to break off the monochrome scheme. A vast contrast to these colourful pallets I'm afraid!

Hope you have a chillaxed weekend! xx

Skirt - Chica Booti (similar) // Jumper - Forever 21 (similar) // Jacket - Redoute Creation (similar) // Boots - BP

It was a very strange day for me, and for the first time I found myself in a bit of a rut as to what outfit I should put together, simply because my mind was all over the place. So, I went for my typical uniform: white tee, black skirt, and a coloured jumper. Then I added the biker jacket just for a bit more spunk (it was definitely not the weather to be wearing such layers but alas, what one will do to look good). Hope you guys have a good weekend!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Multi-patterned & Minimal

Denim Jacket - Monki (similar) // Dress - Quirky Circus (not so similar, sorry!)

Just like the brand name itself, this skater dress is quite the quirky creation!
I'm a huge fan of items and outfits where they have patterns of similar hues but completely different geometrics clashing together - it's so wonderfully chaotic but not at all overwhelming!

 This polka dot and damask number is paired up with a boyfriend style denim jacket and chelsea's.

a glowing thursday to you all! xx

Blazer - Stellino (similar) // Tee - H&M (similar) // Flats - Diana Ferrari (similar)

Denim, a white tee, and flats - I just love this combination when I want to be super comfy but still stylish. I usually go for my flatforms or Dr Martens on casual days but today was all about comfort, and so these flats were perfect for that. I felt the blazer was dressy enough for me to wear a simple, loose tee and boyfriend jeans.