Friday, August 7, 2015


Button down - Aeropastale (similar) // Jeans - Mavi

It was quite the challenge when Steph brought up the idea for a bright outerwear post but delightful nonetheless because it meant a refreshing change from the black and navy coats! Sadly, the closest thing I had to bright was a burgundy peacoat, so I opted for this thick plaid button down and paired it with a billowy beige tee, black jeans and vans. Who would've known that bright outerwear would lead to a laid back "skater" look (a shout out to those Avril Lavigne fans that knew her first *cough* Steph *cough*)!

Coat - Esprit (similar) // Romper - XXI (similar) // Hat - Sportsgirl 

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this brilliant red raincoat that belongs to my mum, but she hasn't worn in donks! I immediately wanted to wear it, specifically with a white blouse. So I got out an old school shirt, and that was that. I just love how the overall look came together, and the black romper I wore underneath helps balance everything out. This coat is just so brilliant, so now I have to figure out other ways I can wear it. Would you guys like for it to make an appearance again? Hope you all like this outfit, let us know what you think! 

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