Monday, June 8, 2015

End of Autumn

Knit sweater - Dotti (similar) // Shorts - Tempt (similar) // Plimsoll sneakers - Vans 

Sydney' end of autumn was unsurprisingly chilly then and warm and toasty by afternoon; which explains the variety of our outfits for this post! Here I'm wearing an over-sized cream knit paired with basic crepe shorts and plimsoll sneakers. Something simple and straightforward for an unpredictable day!


Coat - Jacques Ad Mortem Fidelis (similar) //  T-shirt - HM (similar) // Shoes - Converse

So this isn't my typical outfit haha. I put this together a few weeks ago because comfort was literally all that was on my mind. I've had these black converse for years, but I hardly wear them. Perhaps you'll start seeing them a little more often though, particularly now that they're older and have that nice worn look, as opposed to the pristine condition you buy them in. Whenever I do wear them, they take me back to a few years ago before I discovered the beauty of a creeper, when I used to sport them pretty much on a daily basis. Anyway, I finished the outfit with this black coat to make it slightly dressier, since the pants and converse alone make it a little too casual and sporty. This is a look I only wear if I'm in a rush, and will just be running around all day. You could also wear this with a bun, instead of the beanie, if it feels too casual.

I hope you guys liked our "How To Wear Jeans" video we posted yesterday! We absolutely love making videos, and will probably be brewing up more in the near future. But we would love to hear your feedback, and what you think of everything we're doing! Have a nice day :D


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