Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Trying To Be Cool

Coat - Monki (similar) // Sweater - Dotti // Trousers - Glassons // Boots - Lipstik

A Celine inspired shoot for today as day two of Sydney's mini cyclonic weather made for a dark indoors space. And while this should have been a set back we actually had a lot of fun doing a different style of shoot; not to mention the excitement we felt when we could finally take out our coats and try on a couple of layers!

I'm working with a minimal palette again with this Monki boyfriend biker coat that has such a wonderfully cushion-ey texture, a white tee, a Dotti cream knit and black capri trousers.


Dress - Vintage // Jacket - Redoute Creation // Shoes - Dr Martens

I got this little floral dress thrifting a few years ago in Surry Hills and I've been meaning to wear it more often! It's super cute and has that granny floral print I like to wear every so often. You never find pieces like these in vintage stores anymore! Anyway, now Karina and I are just watching Transformers 3 and District 9 later on. Hope you guys have a nice day! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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