Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Green Scene

Sweater - Gap (similar) // Pants - Glassons // Sneakers - Nike 

I wasn't feeling too swell last Thursday so for me it was definitely a matter of keeping things simple - a white tee, a ribbed knit sweater and black pants. On the plus side I got to take these cool new sneakers I got as a graduation gift from my sister for a spin. The sneakers are embarrassingly my first pair of sport shoes since high school and I swear walking around in heavy docs for years made these feel like I had strapped on a pair of bouncy clouds!

Romper - XXI (similar) // Coat - Bosh Australia (similar) // Blouse - Topshop (similar)

These shorts are actually a romper, with this sheer coral blouse I wore over the top. I just felt it was a little too plain to wear by itself, so I added a bit of subtle colour. My hair is so so messy here, but to be fair, it was quite windy, and my hair doesn't do well with wind. 

Anyway, I have work coming up the next few days, which is super boring, but I'll be having a pizza night with friends tomorrow night! We hope you guys liked our video diary, we're already working on our new one, and we're super excited for how it'll turn out! Have a lovely day!


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