Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Art School

Button Up - Zara (similar) // Skirt - Zara (similar) 

Thursday we explored Lilyfield and Rozelle with a little part of the day spent at a beautiful sandstone clad 1800's mental asylum turned art school.

Outfit wise I've finally gotten myself an a-line mini skirt with this one having a twist of faux pony hair. While the materiality was an initial miss (I'm a bit iffy on wearing faux/real fur/animal skin clothing) I've started to appreciate the texture and feel. Also, the skirt's so versatile with any top or sweater that the pony hair gets forgotten! The skirt is paired up with a gingham button up, boyfriend denim jacket and chelsea's for a 90's-esque look.


Sweater - Goldie London (similar) // Shirt - Forever 21 (similar) // Pants - Sportsgirl // Shoes - TUK // Sunglasses - Sportsgirl

I still love this perfect jumper that I scored from Goldie London a few years ago. This outfit is from last Thursday, a great start to the weekend with a cute and lighter colour scheme. On another note, I've realised how popular high waisted skinny jeans are at the moment. I actully, personally, quite like low waisted pants, so shopping seems like it's gonna be difficult when the time comes.


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