Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sharing Things: Denim Jacket

Jacket - Monki (similar) // Top - Lioness (similar) // Shorts - Tempt (similar) // Shoes - Dr Martens

We've been thinking about sharing things for a while and what better time than now to start this exciting weekly segment! A part from financial deficiencies and booty issues, we'll be wearing or sharing a piece in common and style it in our own way; the first being the all too familiar denim jacket.

Today is all about making the blue pop, so this boyfriend style jacket is styled with an all black, casual ensemble - semi see-through blouse I impulse bought at the basement market part of Pitt St Mall because I was 20 then and lacked anything mature in my closet (Ha!) and black shorts with tights.

Hope you guys like the weekly experiment! xx

Jacket - (Check above) // Skirt - Charlotte Rouse (similar) // Top - Factorie // Beanie - Sportsgirl (similar) // Bag - Glassons (similar) // Shoes - TUK

The title of this post pretty much sums up this post. Today, we've created two different outfits, with this denim jacket as the statement piece - it really shows our different styles and approaches, doesn't it? Here in Sydney, the weather is so confusing - it starts out super cold, but then you go for a bit of a walk outside and you start to build up a sweat! And so, I thought this denim jacket worked well to help with the wind, but is light enough to carry around if it gets too hot. I'm also wearing calf-high socks at the moment, as they cover a good portion of the leg, but aren't too suffocating.

I'm so sorry for always having so many pictures of us in each post. It's just always so difficult to choose which ones are my favourites, so I upload them all! Let us know what you think of our two differing outfits, and if you'd like to see more posts like this!


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