Saturday, May 9, 2015


Button Up - Country Road // Jeans - Sportsgirl (similar) // Shoes - Lipstik // Purse - Nine West (similar)

 You know that moment when you like something so much - like cheesecake for example - that you want to balance it out and take it in small intervals and then there's that burst of hedonism and suddenly you've come to realize you ate the remaining half in the space of an hour? That's what  happened when I decided to go overboard and pair these two blue pieces together, hopefully the experiment worked!

On another note these are a new pair of  lace up sandals that I wanted to give a spin! I'm not a daily heels person but I thought these mesh so well with the casual look I had to give the tan flats a break!


Coat - Jacques Ad Mortem Fidelis (similar) // Blouse - My dad's // Pants - Sportsgirl // Shoes - TUK // Sunglasses - Vintage

I'm reintroducing this coat that I'm obsessed with. It's so lovely, particularly when I'm wearing pure black and white outfits, like this one. It sounds weird, but this is a look that's inspired by my grandma. She's super androgynous with what she wears, so I decided to take a leaf out of her book today, of course just a little edgier.

I'm so excited, I have lots of free time coming up so we should have a lot of posts coming you way! Have a good day everyone!

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