Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cobblestone Creepers

Button Up - Country Road (similar) // Jeans - Cheap Monday // Boots - Lipstick // Bag - Gifted 

What I love most about The Rocks is how easy it is to wonder off main streets and find cobblestoned lane ways with historic maps and facts framed onto their sandstones walls -  like yesterday's magical experience where we stumbled upon this beautiful nook overlooking Walsh Bay.

The warm and breezy day called for one of my favourite boyfriend style button ups. This shirt is such a wonderful, deep navy blue; I think I've mentioned it before how obsessed I am with this subdued classic colour. Usually I wear it buttoned all the way to the top with black skinny jeans, but it looks (and feels!) equally great un-ironed and loose with a pair of rolled up, tapered, black jeans - I perfect outfit when you're in a hurry!

always know the difference between sparkling, still, and tap water guys!


Tee - Zara // Cardi - Redoute Creation (similar) // Leggings - Blackmilk // Creepers - TUK // Bag - Glassons

I know I was complaining in the last post about having to start wearing tights again, but I will admit it's good to be finally able to bring out these leggings again, and it did make me a little excited for what I'll wear this season. I have quite a few winter pieces I want to show you guys, and yes, they'll include tights, extra layers and cool textures. Anyway, today's look is quite casual and can be worn any day. I added a white jumper as a layer, and a very old, broken saddle bag. I love wearing brown bags with monochrome outfits, it just adds a simple pop of subtle colour. I'm excited for the autumn scenery to pop its head out and for the weather to cool down a fraction.


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