Monday, March 23, 2015

Sorbet Coloured Day

Jumper - unknown (similar) // Shorts - Jayjays (similar) // Slip ons - Vans 

The weather's been so unpredictable lately that it isn't strange to be wearing a jumper or jacket over shorts and a tee in 30 degree heat. In my usual fit of hurry, I decided to keep things cool and cosy with these old burgundy shorts, plain white tee and this cream v-neck jumper that I'm sure was my fathers in the 90's. I was a bit unsure of wearing the jumper out because of it's raggedy state, it's my go to clothing item for painting and DIY projects! Despite the varnish stain here and there I think it matched pretty well with the burgundy!   

Hope you guys have a delightful weekend! xx

Blazer - Glassons (similar) // Dress - Fahrenheit (similar) // Bag - Colette (similar)

Yesterday we had a look at the weather and had decided we'd head to the beach today in the short hours I had before work. And so naturally we ended up in the back streets of Surry Hills, because we have the tendency to completely change our minds at the last second. But nonetheless, I had picked my dress out with the intention of strolling the Clovelly shoreline. I've had it for a few years but don't wear nearly often enough. Here, I've paired it with my simple white blazer, Colette handbag, and my trusty Docs. Hope you all have a great weekend!


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