Friday, March 13, 2015

Clearways & Superheroes

Button up - Op Shopped (similar) // Skirt - Cotton On (similar) // Slip ons - Vans // Bag - Coach (similar) // Sunglasses - Tempt (similar)

So it's a scorching hot day and what was supposed to be an effortless come of age experience of being able to breakfast out at 11am on a weekday turns out be a ridiculous albeit, hilarious mini road trip. A half hour road trip consisting of the same pop songs playing on each station, rebellious tradies j walking busy roads and a persistence I never knew we had to find a space to park Steph's car before finally stepping into Grandma's Little Bakery.

Today called for this men's linen button up I found whilst doing a quick look about the racks of Vinnies. I paired it up with a skater skirt and these Vans slip ons my sister gave me for my 21st. I was a straight up docs fan for daily shoes until these came along! They're unbelievably comfy, match with almost any outfit and, I absolutely love their minimalist cool vibe.

eat your carrots guys!

Tee - Zara // Shorts - Factorie (similar) // Shoes - Dr Martens // Jacket - Redoute Creation // Sunnies - Sportsgirl

God, I love wearing outfits like this. I'm gonna be so sad when it gets too cold for me to wear shorts by themselves, without tights underneath. This look is basically a go-to of mine - denim shorts (though you can't see them much beneath the shirt) with fitted jackets. Also, the text on my tee is so cute, don't you think? 

So much more to come! We'll be posting very often, so stay tuned!


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